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Children have always inspired me and supported me in my artistic work. They irradiate much energy and vitality. Through my paintings, I also try to convey a piece of lust for life and positive energy to people. My colourful pictures express gladness and feeling the life as desirable. People strive for happiness as a perfect target. Nothing exceeds happiness in its perfection. Though happiness is a state of the soul and largely dependent of our own. The world is for us as it goes through our senses in our soul. As long as we are waiting, that the world makes us happy, we remain separate through our desire of our zest for life. When we start out to awaken the lust for life in us and to let it flow, then we can be happy.

We find ourselves in the motives of my paintings. Colors trigger feelings, enchant us. Therefore, looking my paintings becomes a sensuous experience and an inner journey. Thoughts, emotions and impressions are released. It is a way to know us even better, to reprocess experiences, to introspect, to pause for a moment. For me it is important that people seeing my paintings feel well, fall into dreaming or are stimulated to think.

If you don't carry a piece of heaven in you,
you will not find it in the entire universe.
Wisdom from India

Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakes.
Carl Gustav Jung